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Why Choose US

Why Choose US

Why Choose US

You will find many other web companies offer similar services, so what sets us apart from the rest?

Since 2002 Global Associates has built a for professional web sites, exceptional customer service, quality web consulting services, meeting the growing needs of our clients, and of course our prices. Global Associates offers a more straightforward pricing model, at a highly competitive rate. It is our belief that every new project and client should be treated individually, in that way we never use web templates or steer clients into software solutions that are not right for them.

Not only do we strive to offer customized solutions but we also excel in client servicing; allowing us the ability to fine tune the solution until it meets your specific expectations.

Given below some features which make us different from other companies

Web Sites with Professional Design

All Our websites reflect the level of professionalism our clients hold in their daily operations. Websites are designed to the highest standards and are tested to be compatible on the major computer systems and browsers. Moreover, all our web sites are completely customized to our client's needs/desires. Our designs are intended to impress & captivate your viewers, which is exactly what you'll receive when you choose us. And, as a custom web site design company, we are only limited by our and our client's imagination.

Personalized Service

Talk to us today and experience our promise of personalized service, we'll advise you on every aspect of the project right from the start. We're not a faceless company with constantly changing personnel and a buffer zone of secretaries and office juniors to circumvent before you reach the person you're after. This also obviously means we have low overheads so you're not paying above the odds to fund our office space, payroll and fleet of company cars. You'll come to think of us as part of your team.

Superior Customer Support & Service

Exceptional and friendly customer service is our number one priority. We always strive to have a real relationship with our clients. We know the importance "live" customer support and prompt call returns and have made this a priority. This is why you can always reach us during our normal business hours by phone or email. We also provide and online solutions center for our customers. We make every effort to make sure that communication is open and that you love your new Website.

Web Consulting Services

With the Internet changing every day it is hard for even the seasoned veteran to keep up. With this in mind, we know that not all our clients are experts when it comes to the Internet. We use this as an opportunity to use our experience and help explain the many options available when it comes to launching a web site and/or creating a web business. It is very important to us for our client's web sites to meet and exceed their goals - this can be achieved with an on-going relationship between Global Associates and our clients.

Latest Technology

Our Website designers use all the latest tools and software when creating your site. They keep up with all the latest technology in order to provide you with a Website that has lasting value.

Top Rankings

Our designers and developers ensure that your website will be primed for top rankings in search engines and do everything they can to get your site to the top of the search engines. This takes a team who is dedicated to you to achieve these results. We are not the fly by Night Company who come in and promise results, we deliver them.

Price & Value

We're able to greatly reduce the cost of your business Website by using high-end, pre-created Web designs and modifying it to suit your needs. We do not have hidden setup fees or other hidden charges. All our projects (whether a custom package web site or an extensive site with many additional features) have written proposals with a full completion price agreed to before the start of work.

We helps the customer find what they need

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