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We're looking for top-flight professionals committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions that help transform businesses. If you're looking for a career that challenges and inspires you, consider Global Associates. Global Associates does not give you a job. It gives you

  • A meaningful career, where you can do what you love.
  • A platform where you can prove your capabilities.
  • A comfortable, rewarding and secure professional life.

Work environment

We have created a casual, friendly and inviting work environment for you. We let you design your workplace as per your preference. It makes you feel at home, thus enabling you to perform at your best. All our team members stay together like a closely knitted family – sharing and celebrating the party of life.

Global Associates was founded in 1995. It has continued to provide safe careers for creative, technology and management professionals.

Your benefits

Global Associates offers competitive pay-packages and on-going promotion to deserving candidates based on their yearly performance appraisals.

Apart from fixed salary, you get the following additional benefits:

  • Provident fund account.
  • ESI card facility.

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