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Content Management System

Content Management System

Content Management System

A content management system makes it very easy for the end user to update content on your website without technical skills or expensive know how. By using a web content management system your site will become an increasingly effective and efficient sales and marketing tool. A CMS system is aimed at people or companies who require management of their website content, documents etc. A good example of a CMS website would be an eCommerce website. It is widely accepted that a web site is often the first exposure a potential customer gets to your company, so it is crucial to have the right up to date content presented in keeping with your branding. CMS allows great flexibility in design. CMS generates inherently search engine friendly websites.

We specialize in Custom Content Management systems. Our CMS system is online and on-demand. Our CMS offers many more features than most traditional content management systems. Enable and empower administrative users and non-technical personnel to add, author, modify, delete and update Web content using our WYSIWYG editor. The overall style of your CMS site is pre-defined specifically for you, with a custom web site design. If you add new pages or content, it will have the right 'look and feel' by default. We call this the 'template' design, and may create a style guide for you.

We will help you harness the power and potential of the internet to attract and engage visitors, communicate your message and generate leads with our graphic and web design combined with our industry leading content management system. Our Content Management System (CMS) gives your business the ability to maximize your email marketing efforts by putting powerful tools into your hands for tracking response rates, and knowing exactly which clients open, read and act on your email campaigns!

Once logged in to the administration area on your site, you have a varying degree of control over content such as images, text, links, files and multimedia. It allows you to add new content, remove pages, upload images and documents, email your clients, engage your customers, sending e-mail newsletters and changing web site colors, publish a blog, and much more. This can be done from any web browser in the world.

Joomla is our preferred CMS for mid-large projects. Joomla CMS is a high-end content management system that allows you, the client, to publish content to your website, without needing to know HTML. The system accommodates many features, including blog posts, searches, and easily-adaptable components to enhance the overall functionality of your website.

You will be benefited with our services in the following ways:-

  • By regularly updating article, news, stories, editorial etc. you can keep your website content fresh and current.
  • Add new products and edit existing products. (Prices, Images, Descriptions, Shipping etc). update product categories, sub categories.
  • Detailed reporting gives you insight into the sources and behavior of visitors to your site
  • With the help of build-in Meta-Tag Manager you can create unique titles and descriptions for page of your site and thus increase your page rank with search engine friendly pages.
  • Easily upload and insert images and links to PDF's and Word documents.
  • Build a series of HTML templates for pages and repeating elements such as forms, news items etc
  • Set up password-protected sections of your site for specific groups - your customers, your employees, your suppliers.
  • Gather and manage leads and contacts with our fully integrated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Create multiple user profiles, with different levels of user access and permissions
  • Upload images and files with a few clicks and view all uploaded files in your Image Library
  • On-Site Search lets your visitors find exactly what they want on your website
  • Save time, work, and money by not paying someone else to update your content
  • Your data is safe and secure on our own servers located in our secure datacenter

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