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Web Extraction

Web Extraction

Web Extraction

If you are looking for outsourcing your Back Office Operations to an ideal service provider in India, you have reached the right place.

WEB EXTRACTION is a process of collecting the information stored on web pages, pose a significant challenge. Outsourcing of your Web extractions requirement gives you the opportunity to focus on other core business activities. Our powerful and scalable extraction server has the ability to handle high volume and complex extraction jobs. The services provided under this category may be utilized in vide range of applications enumerated hereunder:

  • Extract addresses of potential customers from your trade websites, which can be used to build potential customer databases
  • Extract and integrate commodity price information from various eCommerce websites in order to create price comparison systems that help your clients to select the cheapest products
  • Obtain all open information like the company and human talent message from the talent employment websites
  • Extract product information from your competitive adversary's databases, which can be used for inside analysis and enquiry
  • Obtain information from databases for conducting pharmaceutical research
  • Collect article titles and content from different category websites to build digital libraries.
  • Monitoring competitive pricing
  • Tracking news and press releases which mention particular companies, products, events
  • Tracking competitor websites
  • Finding sales leads

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