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Web Site Design Ideas

Web Site Design Ideas

Web Site Design Ideas

While designing a web site it is very important that the site is fast loading, looking attractive, user friendly, and important content to it that allow how long the visitor stays on your site. Instead of making very complex designs with less content or plain designs with cluttered content, we recommend that you find the right balance between both.

A clean layout with a lot of white space enhances your site's look. Try to keep the focus on your content. That is why we recommend using Dreamweaver templates for your site - all have one basic design and only the content varies - this way even if your site is a little distracting due to necessary effects, your design is noted once and then the visitor focused on the content automatically.

If you have too many links then you should use drop-down menus. If you have Fireworks or Dreamweaver then macromedia drop-down menus are one of the most popular. Otherwise you can use any for drop-down menus.

Web Design Tips

Some useful and important tips for a professional and high quality web designing site.

  • Neat and Easy Navigation
  • Clean Layout Design
  • Optimum Load Time
  • Design for all Screen Resolutions
  • Ensure Web site scalability
  • Cross Browser Compatible

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