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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Global Associates offers a complete tax compliance service which includes preparation of quarterly payments and year-end filings. We focus on income tax planning at the business, personnel and fiduciary level. We also coordinate tax preparation issues involving gifts, estates and trusts. We can help you create and incorporate tax-exempt entities such as charities and foundations, to not only avoid tax, but redirect tax dollars to achieve your charitable goals. To meet the market demand, we use best industry tax software like Drakes Lacerate, Turbo Tax, Ultra Tax or any taxation software of your choice.

Our tax processing BPO services:

We offer tax preparation services for the following:

  • Form 1040 - For individuals,
  • Form 1065 - For Partnerships
  • Form 1120 - For companies and Corporations.

We will examine your balance sheets, interpret and classify each item on it. We will also classify and interpret P/L items, and interpret the taxability and treatment of various accounts. Finance Outsourcing tax preparation planning includes

  • Tax planning
  • Tax law changes
  • Encouragement
  • Advance judgments
  • IRA and other qualified plan assets
  • Trading reorganizations
  • Like-kind real estate exchanges
  • Homes

Finance Outsourcing clients receive the following tax preparation services

  • Finished registrations for federal and state employment tax accounts.
  • Fresh Hire Reporting, as required by state law.
  • A compensation consultation including break-down of employee withholdings and estimates of employer contributions.
  • Quarterly preparation of necessary returns. All returns posted to you 'signature ready' for submission.
  • Entire year-end tax reporting preparation including Form W-2 and Schedule H.
  • Assistance with all association to/from taxing authorities.

Our Tax Preparation Procedures

  • Organize Federal & State Income Tax Returns Online
  • E-file State Returns With Your Federal Tax Return
  • Get the Tax Forms That Are Right For You
  • Safe and sound Access to Prior Year Income Tax Returns
  • 100% Safe - Managing Tax Returns Online

Business Assessments Tax Returns prepared by us will cost up to 60% less than the average tax preparation cost currently incurred by a mainland firm.

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