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Some common error related to website designing

Some common error related to website designing

Some common error related to website designing

It is often found that despite of attractive & informative content some website lacks of visitors to their site. This is because some common errors occur while designing a website.

Given below list of some common errors:-

Avoid putting too many advertisements to your website as it seriously intrude on a visitor's experience of your site if he finds anything that looks like a banner ad or animated advertisement. Web users also have begun rejecting these site elements automatically.

The use of media plug-ins to web page should be restricted to a maximum of one per page. As for example if Flash is being used in some page then a media player should not be used there. Again if you are using Java script, you should not use Flash. You may use the same plug-in twice, however.

Don't use flashy advertising-style design, gratuitous flash banners and silly animations to your site in order to bring user's attention to your site. It may have just the opposite effect to the user. Web design experts strongly advise against using a Flash introduction on your website. The Search engine spiders are also unable to grab the flash advertisement.

The user should feel naturally competent within your website if he finds a clear layouts and navigation schemes (how to get from here to there and back again on your website) in your website. Business sites, in particular, tend to use many steps to perform really simple tasks. If you are getting regular quarries from your customer regarding how to use your site you need to make some improvements in your layout and navigation. If you find that there are specific tasks people want to do more often than others, put these on the front page of the site.

Using 'unique' or 'novel' navigation cues that have not been user-tested and are not historically familiar can turn your users off and send them to a competitor's site very quickly.

Some other proactive rules to follow when designing the navigational cues for your site:

  • Avoid usage of redundant links (links to content users are presently viewing)
  • Distinguish between previously navigated and yet un-navigated links
  • Constantly inform the user of their current position within the site hierarchy.

All existing links in your website should be proper. All important external links should be specifically marked with different color or by a symbol of some type. External links should be opened in a new window so that the visitors directing to your site do not leave completely. Doesn't use mouse rollover option to your link as visitors want to know where the links are without hunting for them. Use contrasting colors and even underline your links.

Another bad design idea is to include a link that will send an e-mail without marking it clearly to identify it as an e-mail link.

Broken links are annoying to website visitors. You should check your links on a regular basis to ensure that they still work.

Don't use strange fonts. Use fonts which are generally accepted & used like Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Tahoma etc. If you use obscure fonts visitors will find it difficult to read. Only use non-standard fonts in a logo or in headings and only if they are displayed as images.

Always try to use standard sized text to your site as poorly sized body text can ruin a website. Visitors finds it time consuming for reading tiny, low contrast text. Try to use relative text sizing rather than pixel sizing. This allows visitors to utilize their preferred text size at your site.

Content always has to be written specifically for the web. Users will not visit your site if your site contains badly written content or stolen content. Fix the spelling mistakes and bad grammar before publishing.

The colors you use on your website, order buttons, logos and product covers can cause your customers to react a specific way, so you'd better make sure you're using the right colors before another sale is potentially lost!

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