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Mailling Complilation

Mailling Complilation

Mailling Complilation

Mailing List Compilation of Quality Customer List Enhancement services..

Data Processing: Secure resource for reliable Mailing List Compilation needs!

Outsource Data Processing has gained much experience in the Mailing list processing domain by working closely with retailers, manufacturers and service providers across many industries. You can outsource your mailing list processing requirements to us. Our accurate, flexible and reliable data processing solutions will provide you ample time to focus on your other business activities.

We maintain all data in a secure environment that meets client specific requirements and in accordance with all self-regulation and database protection legislation that conforms to international standards. We help you to transform your business through proactive problem management techniques, powerful research capabilities and innovative methods of mailing list services.

We perform mailing list compilation and processing tasks that include:

Address Standardization

Through this process your mailing list addresses are converted into a format that is acceptable by the USPS.


In this process several mailing lists are combined to make a single list and duplicate entries are removed from the list.

List Updating

This is an important process that will keep your mailing list clean and updated. We also compare your mailing list against the active recipient files of post office for address changes and move notices.


This process helps to eliminate selected names from your mailing list by using computer matching techniques. This service will help you to reduce the size of your mailing and produce a better response rate.

Customer List Enhancement

In this process your mailing list is run against other lists or databases containing information about your customer's age, gender, lifestyles, marital status, home ownership, vehicle ownership and purchasing habits. Additional information of your customers gained through this process will allow you to use your mailing list more efficiently.

Key Coding

Mailing list process enables you to track the response produced by a particular mailing list. Key codes are a set of unique alphanumeric characters recorded on the response device, so that its return tells the marketer which list produced the response.

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