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Customizing Ready-made Website Templates

Unique Design

Create a Unique Design for your Site

How you can customize ready-made website templates to suit your area of business.

Example of a customized template

Add Logo

First you add your logo to the site. As you can see simply adding the logo and header changed the look of the template. You can also add an extra menu on the left side.

Change Pictures

Next you need to do is change the. This gives a personal and unique look to the site.

Customize the Colors of the Template

When you have added your logo and pictures, you can customize the colors of the template. You will see that just by changing the colors of the template, it looks unique and different. Alternatively, you can choose a color theme that you like from another template and customize your template with those colors.

Customize the Navigation Links

Customize the links to the names that you would like them to be.

Add Scripts or Design Elements

Add a unique homepage. Using the same layout idea we added a unique homepage. You can also add drop-down menus, images, photo-galleries and much more.

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