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CAD Conversion

Affordable price with the precision human touch!

Global Associates provides services in th field of Architetural drafting and redlining services. We have a team of draftsman, expert in CAD. Our CAD conversion services are unmatched in quality and delivery.

Jobs2india specializes in transforming your manual drawings into clean, ready to use, computer generated drawings converted into CAD 2000, Microstation or DXF formats.

Why use us!

Global Associates does all its conversions by precision redrafting by hand not via the usual inaccurate computer raster to vector conversions offered by most companies. This is the only guaranteed method of accurate paper to CAD conversion!

Normally precision redrafting is an expensive process but by using qualified draftsman offshore we are able to offer accurate drawing conversions at a very affordable price.

This results in redrafting costs of less than

US $ 5 per hour!

Because all our drawings are precision redrafted by hand they all contain.

  • Accurate layer information
  • Accurate text that can be edited
  • Accurate line types that can be edited
  • Associative dimensions that are adjustable
  • Associative hatch patterns
  • Symbols & blocks of standard components
  • Title blocks in paper space to scale

Why are most Paper to Cad conversions innaccurate?

Most companies offer cheap conversions because they use raster to vector conversion software to convert their drawing. Do not be fooled by their low prices! This process converts a scan of the drawing (raster) into a line drawing (vector) through a software program.

Automatic raster-to-vector conversion is limited by the ability of the software application to make decisions that require intelligence; therefore the resultant drawing is a series of meaningless lines. Many hours of additional work is required to get the drawing to an accurate CAD standard.

Some of the problems of the raster to vector conversion method are detailed below:


The resulting CAD file is typically in one layer. Some applications will put each line weight on a different layer, but only if there is a clear difference in line thicknesses.


Any linetype, besides continuous, will convert each dash or segment to a separate and unrelated line entity.

Arcs and Circles

Arcs and circles are typically converted to a series of short, unrelated line segments some applications may convert them to a series of arcs. Conversion to a circle or a single arc is difficult because most hand drawn work is actually elliptical.


Text is typically converted so that each character is actually many small line segments. Not recognizable text.


Dimensions are converted to an unrelated assortment of lines with no association to each other or the item they describe.


The raster to vector conversion will convert each symbol to numerous unrelated line segments.

Hatch Patterns

All hatch patterns will be converted as enormous numbers of unrelated line segments.


Attributes or database information cannot be assigned with automatic raster conversion.

Conversion of Extraneous Information

Besides the problems in correctly converting the real data in a drawing, automatic raster conversion will put every speckle, crease, stain, and smudge into the CAD file.


Imperfections or light areas in the lines on the original drawing are frequently interpreted as genuine white space. The resulting conversion will have small gaps in the middle of lines that should be continuous.

Missing Information

The effort to automatically distinguish between extraneous information and real data often results in arbitrary elimination of real data in the converted drawing.


With other conversion methods, a consistent style for dimensions, symbols, text height, fonts, etc, can be applied as the conversion is performed. With automatic techniques the style of the drawing cannot be changed.

Limitations of Scanning Resolution

If the originals are not scanned at high enough resolution, problems can occur with lines that intersect at an angle. The resulting product of automatic raster-to-vector conversion can, of course, be corrected by CAD operators after the fact. Unfortunately, the labor and cost for this type of cleanup typically exceeds the cost of the other methods.

JOBS2INDIA conversions have none of these problems as all our drawings are precision redrafted by hand.

How does the global Associates process work?

The process is very simple;

Send us via e-mail or FTP clear scanned sample images of your drawings.

(Preferably compressed jpeg files at 100-150 dpi)

On confirmation of our quotation and time estimate, e-mail or FTP the full set of scans. We will redraw these into the required CAD format using any drawing standards you require.

Your new electronic files can be sent to you by e-mail, FTP or on CD-rom.

When you are completely satisfied with our work we will invoice your company.

Quality Assurance and Standards.

Convert2cad offered the highest quality assurance methods to constantly check the accuracy of our drafting, ensuring perfect reproductions every time

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