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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Global Associates understands that a successful business depends on effective financial management rather than quality. Our account receivables services enables you preventing long delay between the time of service delivered and payment receipt and thus avoiding diminishing of your business cash flow.

Our account receivables enable you to:

  • Find and remind early past-due customers during routine customer service interactions
  • Reduce bad debt through active account delinquency management
  • Recover revenue from current charge-offs.
  • Manage active and primary accounts via first and third party collections efforts
  • Lower cost per dollar collected by leveraging global labor pools
  • Minimize expenses through capital avoidance associated with the development, deployment, and maintenance of collections systems and infrastructure.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty by applying training and quality assurance processes
  • Enhanced Speed and Flexibility
  • Pre charge-off account management
  • Primary post charge-off management
  • First- and third-party collections
  • Raising invoices on request receipt from Purchase Order (PO) details, customer details, discounts, and terms of payments.
  • Database Management

We have improved receivable management processes for the leading national and regional services companies. We are unique delivering account receivables services by:

  • Experienced Finance Outsourcing executive leadership team
  • Project design and implementation expertise
  • Assured quality process
  • Latest accounts receivable technology

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