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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Global Associates knows that the Accounts Payable is the due bills of the business owe to your suppliers and creditors for goods and services received.

Our ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Transaction services are:

  • Purchase Orders and Non-PO bills
  • Freight payment
  • Consolidated Reports
  • EDI transaction records
  • Phone invoices
  • Utility payments
  • Prepayments
  • Check requests
  • Purchasing cards
  • Employee and non-employee travel
  • Entertainment expense reimbursement
  • Debit/credit memos and check returns

Our employees are specially trained for the assigned job of processing. Our facilities include accurate and timely payments to suppliers for goods or services rendered and thereby ensuring Maximum Discount Capture.

Global Associates process of Account payables are:

  • Database Management, Vendor & Payments setup and maintenance
  • Imaging process using Automated Document workflow software
  • Invoice Scanning, Data Entry, and Dispute Resolution
  • Matching of Invoices with purchase orders and goods received at 3 levels
  • Duplication eliminating (corrective measures)
  • Appending up invoices for payments enhancing discount capture and timely payments
  • Manual and electronic payment of the invoice
  • Debit note issues, Adjustments/Collections
  • Clients General Ledger forwarding
  • Value added tax data and reports providing
  • Response to queries from suppliers or vendors over mail or phone
  • Supplier Account Reconciliation

Our team professionals have knowledge in Advanced Accounting, Language and Communication skills and training on Query Resolution. Our service delivery performances are measured on following factors:

  • Timely payment of Invoices
  • Accurate payment of Invoices
  • Customer Service-Resolution of calls/ emails

Global Associates bags client list from the industries like:

  • Consumer Banking
  • Retail Finance
  • Leasing
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Broadcasting and Infrastructure

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