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Accounting outsourcing is a certain means for CPAs and accounting firms to earn revenue during the tax season in the US. Everybody wants to pay taxes on time and be tax free as soon as possible. Accounting firms and CPAs find it very difficult to handle the hectic customer demand during the tax season. Integrated Financial Resources is a global outsourcing firm for CPAs and accounting firms.

Accounting outsourcing besides helping firms meet customer demands also helps them in earning revenue from their accounting business. This is possible because Global Associate does the accounting outsourcing work at a much lower rate than what is charged by CPAs working in the US for doing the same work. The amount which an accounting firm saves by not hiring the expensive services of the accountants automatically spells as profit for the accounting firm.

In the internet age security is of vital importance to everybody. Global Associate recognizes the importance of customer's personal and financial security and hence has provisions for strict security. All employees working at Global Associate for accounting outsourcing are enlisted only after they have undergone strict background checks. No employee belongings are permitted inside the work premises and none of them have access to printers or any other removable media devices and USB ports. The work place at Global Associate is a paperless setup and all employees work under constant video monitoring to serve our clients in the best possible way.

Working with Integrated Financial Resources for accounting outsourcing involves a simple process. Clients will have to provide our team of accountants with source documents of their customers. The source documents can be sent either by scanning and uploading or through fax. Once the documents are received our professionals will start working on it immediately.

Clients can keep track of the work done by our professionals at Integrated Financial Resources. Clients can log in through the web enabled document management system and check the status of the work done by us. After the completion of the work, the team leader thoroughly checks to see whether there are any mistakes or not. Clients are then informed via email about the completion of their work.

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